During the Christmas season, we often see plays and nativity scenes that depict events surrounding the birth of Christ. Some of my favorite moments during the Christmas plays that I have seen over the course of my life have always been when the angel Gabriel comes and announces to Mary that she is pregnant supernaturally with the Messiah.   Scripture records that Gabriel said to her, “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you,” and then goes on to tell Mary of the astounding yet wonderful news, that she, a virgin, is pregnant with the Christ-child (see Luke 1:28 and following).

Were these Gabriel’s own words that he was speaking to Mary? The answer to that is quite obviously “no.” The announcement itself gives us a clue that this particular Archangel was bringing words from God to Mary, even though the words were coming from his own mouth.

Many people within ministry and church culture circles refer to the Bible as “the Word of God.” Yet we see in the Bible itself that “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God,” referring of course to Jesus. There are two things in particular that I would like to mention about this passage as found in John 1:1. The first item of note is that when this passage was penned by John, our modern-day Bible of sixty-six books was not entirely written yet. The second item that I would like to note is that the Bible hasn’t always been in existence, as we know it or otherwise, “from the beginning.” Therefore, John 1:1 can not be speaking of what many term the “written Word of God.”

With that looked at, I would like to say from the very beginning as I write and lay the foundation for this article, I have the utmost respect for the Bible. I trust the words in the Bible, as studied out in the proper historical context with insight given by the Holy Spirit as to what the meaning is and how (if) it is applicable to our lives.

I do believe that ALL scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable in our lives. I do believe that the Bible is infallible (incapable of making mistakes or being wrong) AND inerrant, in the original tongue as written by the original author of each book. At the same time, probably as a result of seeing and knowing Jesus as the living, breathing and speaking “Word,” I prefer (at least for myself) the terminology “words from God” when giving a broad definition of what the Bible actually is. Some would not be satisfied with that description itself and would insist that it’s purpose is its definition – and for that definition they apply one-liners like these; “a love letter to mankind”, or the BIBLE acronym (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).

I myself do not concur with either of these being complete and accurate definitions of what the Bible actually is and its purpose for existence that God intended. I have received many things from my time of being a student within Welton Academy’s Supernatural Bible School. One of the things that I have received is an accurate and complete description and definition of just what the Bible is and the purpose that God had in mind for making it available to us. In my own words, the Bible contains words from God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and sent from Heaven to Earth through the different authors that wrote them out for us to read and study. The purpose of these words being to show and tell of God’s covenant journey with the people of His creation – human beings.

I am certainly fine when a person uses the term “Word of God” for the Bible; myself, I prefer to use the term “words from God.” I feel that I can speak and write that without it taking away ANY of the validity, inspiration of Scripture or inerrancy of the words within the Bible, when speaking of the original language that each book was written in by the original author. I don’t feel that I myself can properly call it the only word of God without taking away from what Jesus, the living Word, has done and is doing within our world today.

As any reader of this blog posting has probably surmised by now, I do believe that God still certainly speaks today! In the same manner of the Archangel Gabriel bringing a word to Mary from God, I see the ministers of God that hear His voice clearly and speak words from his or her lips straight from the heart of God. I have read books that have been written by people that have received inspiration from Heaven and the words within those books speak words from God right into the life of the person reading it, and they are touched in just the spot that God wanted to reach out and touch them. I believe that God speaks by His Holy Spirit into each of our individual lives, as we listen for that still small voice and He leads, directs and fully does a wonderful job of guiding us in and through this journey that we call life. I have heard His voice and it been confirmed to me too many times, by situations and by other people around me, for me to say that God doesn’t still speak today. God speaks today, just as He has been speaking since He spoke with Adam in the garden, into the lives of people all over the Earth, yes, even to this very day!

I have heard others say at times that “all I need is the Word of God” (referring to the Bible) and have no need to listen to or to read what another person says or writes.” I say that in taking that approach, a person is prone to cheat themselves out of hearing God’s voice for their own life.

In all of the ways that I have mentioned here in this article, among others not mentioned, I will conclude this post by saying this, yes, I believe that anything that a person hears from God today, by whatever means they hear it, WILL be verified, confirmed and line up with the Bible.

God still speaks today! Can you hear His voice?

Written by: John T. Argo