Thanks for stopping by! I’m Nate, the creator of the Better Covenant Lifestyle blog and community, and I’d like to share with you my vision behind creating it. Before I jump into that though, I thought it would help to give you a brief introduction of who I am.

About Me

After chasing the pleasures of this world throughout my teen and college years, I became a follower of Jesus in April of 2010. I left behind a life filled with depression, binge drinking, drugs, and sexual promiscuity and gained a new life in Christ. I found it difficult to explain to my friends and family what exactly happened to me and why I had decided to go after a life with God. Because of this, I decided to start a blog and write about my testimony and share what the Lord was doing in my life.

I continued blogging for about 11 months until I eventually gave it up. Now, almost six years later, I’ve decided to pick it back up. You might be asking yourself, “Why now?” Great question.

I’ve experienced a great deal of growth over the last six years, and I’d like to think I’ve matured in many areas and am much better equipped to be writing again. Even though my hunger and passion for God is still just as intense as it was when I first became a believer, many of my views have evolved. While I had a great deal of zeal in my early writings years ago, I didn’t have a whole lot of knowledge as it pertained to reading and properly interpreting the Bible, nor was I reflecting the true heart of Jesus in a lot of my interactions with others.

Power and Truth

Since becoming a believer, my passion has always been for two things: the power of God and the truth of God. Over the years, the former has led me to personally experience and witness many great signs, miracles, and manifestations of God. The latter has led me to become a diligent student of the Bible who can clearly articulate the proper context and intended meaning of the Scriptures. I’ve never wanted to be the type who was chasing signs and miracles without having any Biblical basis for anything, but I also never wanted to be the type who was so full of the knowledge of the Word, but never actually experienced or lived out the things written in it.

It was with these passions in mind that I decided to enroll in Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School in 2015. I’m about to start my second year in the school on September 27th. To say that this school and its teaching have been life-changing would be an understatement. It’s given me an entirely new paradigm for how I view God and how I read and interpret the Bible. Having gained so much new insight, wisdom, and freedom in such a short amount of time, I knew it was time to “tell the world” and begin blogging again. However, this time around, my vision is slightly different.

Enter Better Covenant Lifestyle

While I will be writing frequently on a variety of topics, you will also see a number of other Godly men and women contributing to this blog. The Lord was clear to me that rather than just writing a bunch of blog posts on my own, He wanted me to pioneer a community of believers who are passionate about living out a better covenant lifestyle. My goal is to create an online community where believers can engage in healthy dialogue on what it means to be a new and better covenant believer.

In the short-term, I’m looking forward to organizing an amazing lineup of contributors to write about topics such as:

  • How to read the Bible
  • The character of God
  • Understanding the covenants
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The supernatural
  • Identity in Christ
  • Freedom in Christ
  • Eschatology

In the long-term, I’m hoping that Better Covenant Lifestyle will have become such a strong community that we will be able to put together conferences, partner with other ministries, publish books, and more.

Stay Tuned and Stay Connected

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Until next time,